Becoming owner of a box or owner of a gym what is at stakes

Becoming owner of a box or owner of a gym what is at stakes

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Being an entrepreneur and to launch a new challenge opening a new company is the dream many gym owner, dietetics store, or CrossFit box have. However, this is not an easy thing to do. According to the Entrepreneur magazine, nearly 50% companies do not last more than 3 years. This brings progressive changes you have to be ready to all eventualities to reach and maintain success.

The beginning of your activity: start small but think big

Entrepreneurial is launched by an idea. What you do with that idea is going to bring success or failure. Before anything, you must analyze the risks in order to deal with them at any time.
Ex: what is the location? Are there any other gym around? Is there any client potentiality? I am offering something different? Do I hold a concept? Does my company have a soul?

You will succeed if: you are different or if you are the first one.

The durability of your business: Luck is a dividend of sweat. More you sweat more you are lucky.

The life of a business does not depend on chance. In the business world the saying " timing is everything in life"
 does not exist. You must reinvent and create constantly to maintain your customer base and attract new customers. Make interesting offers, arouse interest by proposing innovations or a different service. Be active on social networks and inspire your customers. Avoid employing friends or family in your business if they are not competent to do the designated job. Be determined and show that your business has its own identity.

The continuation of your activity: good management is caring for the future, foresee and calculate.

In order to develop your company your practical sense must be activated. Avoid any unneeded cost, pay back your loans as fast as you can and favor quality. Offer goods and services that will satisfy your clients (beyond expectations). By word of mouth is the best and the cheapest to get new client. It is a good revealer of the good health of your company.

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