What is the best recovery during a workout?

What is the best recovery during a workout?

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For some time, we have been told that multiple series were the efficient way. We know the truth now: building muscle is possible thanks to a maximal tension of the muscle itself.

But not only! With Crossfit, we have also noticed that we can reach the muscle saturation with series combined with other methods.

Here is the best advantage of Crossfit: not to limit yourself to one method…and it is the same for recovery time.

Understand the muscle’s physiology to choose our recovery time method

Our physical performances make our muscles work out with contraction mechanisms.

Our muscle is composed of different types of fibers. We mainly distinguish two: the slow contraction fibers which must be worked out with repeated and long moves; and the fast ones, which must be worked out with short and intense efforts.

What is the best recovery during a workout?

We can use different methods depending on the required exercise, the targeted goals and the athletic level.

The recovery by phosphocreatine’s resynthesize

For 2 minutes series with an intensity from 80% to 90%, do 1 minute of recovery between each of them.

The calibration of intensity:

Do not repeat full intensity efforts with less than 10 seconds of recovery in-between: be a good technician; take into account your weight and experience to decide your maximal weight.

Time under tension:

Count the time for each phase of move. This allows you not to increase the weight and that’s as efficient as raising it. For instance, while squatting, count 4 times (standing, bending, squatting and extension) and try to maintain the same time until the end of the session. With this exercise, your repeated moves will certainly decrease and you will improve!

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