How to perform an efficient warm-up

How to perform an efficient warm-up

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Warming-up must automatically be part of any training. It allows the body to get ready and to increase the muscles’ internal temperature in order to irrigate and protect them.

Too often, we settle for the rowing machine, the skipping rope or the weightless bar to warm-up. We do it, despite the warm-up’s preventive side, which must include all body’s parts and one’s physical particularities.

A well-done warming-up has an important impact on your performances

According to some studies of Lullies, an increase of one degree in our body temperature would match an increase of 2% of our strength … not at all insignificant for a weightlifter.

Indeed, the cellular reactions work best when our body reaches an increased temperature (around 38-39 degrees).

How to perform an efficient warm-up

Take into account the external temperature

Bundle up to maintain your heat and warm up longer if it is cold. If it is warm, drink even before being thirsty and keep in the shade.

Take into account your body size

If you have more muscles on some parts of your body, take more time to warm them up.

Respect the basic principles

Keep the reached temperature, warm up step by step without getting exhausted and change exercises.

Check up your heart rate

With a watch to ensure your warm-up performed well (between 140 and 160 bmp).

What you must remember regarding warm-up benefits

  • The rise of muscles’ internal temperature has two impacts: it allows to decrease the stress and to increase the muscle’ stretch
  • A good warm-up intensifies your strength and your nervous speed
  • The heart rate’s increase facilitates your blood flow
  • The breathing rate’s rise enhances the oxygen’s uptake
  • And finally, warm-up develops the nervous system (more protected joints, automations’ trigger which avoid injuries …)

What you must avoid during your warm-up

  • Too long warms-up with complicated moves

  • Stretching without heart rate

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