7 fake ideas about food supplements

7 fake ideas about food supplements

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Often when we don’t know such or such a thing we tend to be not biases this would have the effect of not giving a leeway this would unable us from new experiences. You want to get tattooed yes someone tells you it is painful, or, you want to go to Brazil yet you are afraid of violence, you’ve just met someone and you don’t like him/ her. This is the same thing about complements. Here are some preconceived ideas.


Food supplements are worthless since we already have some in our everyday food

It’s obvious to all of us that food keep our body alive and healthy, yet we no longer eat the same way as we used to. There are more people in the world and our food is not as rich as it used to. Moreover, when you are an athlete your energetic cost is higher, and complements will help you get over the loss. Here with Pur Vitae you will find some granny’s recipes through the pills, those pills are meant to help consolidating your organism.


I don’t believe in the effect of food supplements

We don’t all react the same way with complements. People with high pressure are highly reactive to ginseng (the main ingredient in Energie) when some people can feel the effect 2 to 3 days later starting the treatment. You can even find people feeling it only after effect.



Food supplements are not naturals

What do you mean by natural? Do we eat natural food? Pur Vitae takes the fenugreek seeds and dries them (under the sun) we pound it and put it directly into the caps. In order to be easier to use. Isn’t’ that more natural than what you find in supermarket? We don’t create new molecules we choose, we gather, natural ingredients into caps.


Food supplements are for older people

At Pur Vitae we believe in “get stronger to last longer”. If we don’t use complements it doesn’t mean we are weak it only means we want to be stronger. We only want it to be stronger and we want to help it to be better fit to our life.



Food supplements are expensive

Let not play with our body, it deserves the very best. Pur Vitae, we don’t work with single ingredient. Each product has several ingredients associated to work together in order to multiply the effects. Nature is rich and we want you to have all the advantages it can give you.


Food supplements are a sort of doping

Pur Vitae’s products are natural and organic at no time they are doping product. In order to know if they are doping product or not you can find on the internet whether they are or not doping product. Our products are all trackable and are of quality.



Food supplements are boring to use

We have 3 meals in a day, which we must prepare. Unless you like industrialized products (trust us this is not our first choice)… a slight effort, a big glass of water and you will fill in a better health.




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