Hard to sleep, tiredness and stress. Those are not friends with recuperation

Hard to sleep, tiredness and stress. Those are not friends with recuperation

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You feel like resting. You lie down close your eyes yet you are still not sleepy. Your muscle are tight and your mind is running. This is not the night you will have a deep rest, this is a fact.

In order to gain well-being and to confront the next day well enthusiastic and with energy, use Cocoon by Pur Vitae.

Cocoon is the association of 3 antioxidant plants (Chlorella, Rhodiala, Baobab) Magnesium and Chrome, used for optimal recuperation at night.


What does antioxidant?

In order to understand the necessity of antioxidant , lets figure out what are the free radicals. Free radicals are formed by oxygen and naturally found in our body. Yet, pollution bad nutrition, smoking, and high intensity training rise the level of those components in our body.

When our body is no longer able to counteract (due to the lack of antioxidant food) we feel very tired and stressed. This is when Cocoon is important for you.


The power of Cocoon ingredients

First Chlorella, this is a great micro algae which plays the role of metal detox thanks to the B6 and E vitamins. It also is a great antioxidant thanks to the C vitamin it contains.

Rhodiolla, is an adaptogen plant. It gives the body the ability to grow capacity to counteract stress, and tiredness. Scientifics say that Rhodiolla is a golden root to acquire a strong mental strength. As soon as you start you can feel the difference, gain of energy, the feel to be relaxed and a better well-being all together. Needless to say there are NO counter effect to this product.

Finally, the Baobab pulp. Coming from the longevity tree, Baobabs contain 6x more C vitamin than Oranges. It is also a great input of calcium, fibers and proteins.

For more information about COCOON click here -> https://www.purvitae.fr/en/product/sleeping-troubles-cocoon-rhodiola-chlorella-baobab/

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