Bloting feeling, water retention, excess of are some tricks!

Bloting feeling, water retention, excess of are some tricks!

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This is the end of the season, time to Detox. It is important to understand how our body works, in order to be convinced of how it is important to smartly clean your inner body.

Toxins such a heavy metal (lead pesticide medicines) are eliminated through our kidneys, skin, intestines, lungs and liver. More precisely by our urines, sweat, stools.

Even if our body do most of the work, the detox is not at it upmost, due to the pollution, bad hydration, stress and sedentarily.

The good news is if you use detox via plants you can read of your wastes such as glues and crystals.

The glues (viscous substance) arise through respiratory diseases (bronchitis, sinus infections) due to the stress the crystals and due to a bad acidifier alimentation (meat, red cakes, candies, chocolates, sugar, coffee).

Contrarily, detoxifying plants are diuretics and protect your liver. They activate your kidneys (helping to eliminate the crystals with your urine and the hepatic function (stimulating the biliary production and the evacuation through the liver).

Now it’s time to clean this all up (dusting) stop drying up the sheets outside (to avoid pollens) practice some sports to eliminate your daily stress and start a DETOX artichokes, dandelion, sage, and green tea!

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