How to be efficient in sport

How to be efficient in sport

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First of all, answer this question: what is efficiency?

Don’t mistake efficiency into effort. The effort is the will of well doing, to have the feeling it is well done. As far as efficiency is concerned it defines by the results the productivity.

To be efficient means to be efficient into productivity and to development. Meaning doing what is meant to be done as best as can be done.

The efficiency features

It is hard to link formal intelligence (someone studying sports science) and efficiency.

However certain habits help reach efficiency:

Effective athletes know what they are doing with their time. They control their schedule and fight against the training overload.

They concentrate on their results. They always see further and pay attention to the action.

They build on solids, there is no need to start a new move if the old one is not totally acquired.

They are direct. They go straight to the goal where their efforts will earn points.

They know themselves very well and don’t fight against someone they are not. They know their physical capacity and don’t need to guess their capacity.

Advices to be efficient

Know yourself

Know what you are, and know your assets. Know your physiology. whether you are easily out of breath, you would not be able to become a long-distance runner, even if training can improve your capacity.

Then figure out if you are active or not. Un good athlete is an active person whom obstacle is managed by the emotions.

What is your emotional level?

Active emotional: passionate, choleric

Non-active emotional: emotional, nervous

Non-emotional active:  phlegmatic (calm/ and control his/ her emotion), directive (less intellectual than physical)

Non-emotional non-actives: apathetic (who doesn’t care about the environment), sluggish (confuse, soft)

See, compare and take

Accept your experiences and live your failures. Remember this chapter. Keep your automatism which will avoid you to get hurt. Don’t be in a hurry don’t judge to fast you may experiment errors.

Get started

Now you hold some cards to go further in your training...however everything remains to be done. The time of good resolutions must succeed that of acts!

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