How to become a CrossFit coach

How to become a CrossFit coach

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Oddin Busch, head coach at Crossfit VII and Pur Vitae athlete, shares his vision of coaching.


Oddin, what's the difference between a good coach and a bad coach?

The difference is the exemplarity. The good coach can demonstrate what he has learned and evolve his learners.


How do you become a CrossFit coach?

There is no physical prerequisite. All you need is a diploma in the field of sport and graduate the Diploma in CrossFit, which call Level I. For the Level I, you need to register and pay (about 1000 dollars) for a theoretical training that lasts 2 days. In this training you learn the basics of Crossfit, movements, the origin ... I would say that you need to know a minimum in CrossFit to pass the Level I but everyone is able.


Is it easier to open a CrossFit affiliate if you are coach?

If you want to use the word "Crossfit" you must have an affiliation (Level I).
It is enough if you have only one member of your company who have passed the Level I.


Are you preparing your classes in advance?

Every Sunday I prepare my schedule of the week with different wods not to fall into the routine and to evolve the maximum the crossfitters.


Is it possible to lose a lot of weight in Crossfit?

It's always the same rule: spend more than you consume. Crossfitters can lose a lot of fat. I saw people who came 3 times a week (they not necessarily changed their diet) to lose 15 kilos!


Do you need to have nutrition knowledge to coach better?

I think so. More you know more you are credible. If we have knowledge we will be more listened to and appreciated. But usually a coach is interested in his diet.


How to recognize a crossfit addict?

Crossfit is a sport too complete that brings a lot of benefits to the body and mind.

The crossfit addict think that "more is better" but extremes are not good! We remind them that 6 times a week is too much and that it will be difficult to work properly.


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