Hydrating quench our thirst!

Hydrating quench our thirst!

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Water is life!  Less cramps, nauseas, headache...

Water is most important for a good functioning organism, we all know it!


What water to drink? In what quantity?

Not so reassuring news. Tap water in France is a very important source of Nitrate. Nitrate, after some action in our body, brings Nitrosamines, which are well known cancers factor substances. Moreover, tap water is full of heavy metals such as lead and aluminum, and chloric (to clean the water) can be a cancer factor.

You can either drink spring water (without any kind of chemical treatment) or mineral water (coming from underground).

In this case a water full of magnesium can be interesting to drink, in order to accelerate the transit and avoid bloating. Magnesium barely filters into blood. It also reduces fatigue.

Sparkling water, this can help balance basic acids, thanks to its bicarbonate.


Now let’s talk about hydration! Should we quench our thirst?

When we practice sport, and sweat we evacuate water and so our brain think thirst.

If we don’t quench our thirst, our kidneys won’t keep the water and will produce waste and our urine are going to turn dark yellow. Therefore, it is necessary to quench our thirst. Drinking without thirst is not necessary it is dangerous.

Listen to your own body and drink after your session.


Our advice : mix in 1l of water an ampoule of Hydration. In order to fill up in sodium, potassium and magnesium.

You must know that an adult need about 2,5l of liquid per day !

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