Lean mass muscle : how to build a sculptural body

Lean mass muscle : how to build a sculptural body

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We too often use the term « lean mass». in sport, it neither mean to lose weight nor to lose fat. It really means to lose a lot of water located between the skin and the muscle in order to better show fibers and veins.

It never has meant to perform better, it is often used by bodybuilders before a competition or before a photo shooting by top models.

What you need to know before starting a “lean mass” program:

  • It is complex but reachable
  • It is necessary to do a first try in order to know your body (hormones regulations)
  • It cannot be a habit it is something temporary
  • It requires a precise diet and timing
  • You will need to work out the ratio between sodium and potassium. First you need to empty your body of glycogen and then fill it up gradually.

How to do a lean mass within 7 days ?

Day 1. Slowly expel glycogen out. Drink a lot of water advised for new born. Your urines must be light. Intake between 50 to 100g of carbohydrates and add some salt to your dishes

Day 2. Repeat day 1

Day 3. Repeat day 1 and 2.  Yet, decrease the carbohydrates intake if your body muscle mass is high

Day 4. Introduce 50g of carbohydrates a meal after your training (up to 300gr a day), decrease your salt intake by half. Add potassium between 400 and 500 gr a day. Do not drink over 2l per day

Day 5. Increase carbohydrates to 100gr per meal (max 500gr a day) decrease salt intake and only drink 1,5 l a day. But keep on the potassium see day 4

Day 6. Repeat day 5. Decrease carbohydrates if needed. Stop salt and avoid salty food (onions, spinach, carrots, tomatoes… drink 1l of water a day using diuretic plants Detox

Day 7. Repeat day 6. Drink little water. You can have carbohydrates up to 1gr, slowly add in bananas, apricots, carrots, lentils, green peas, maltodextrin (carbohydrates)


  • To have a probing lean mass you must keep on training. Yet don’t use heavy weights, it is better to have long sessions with light weights in order to avoid the muscle trauma and to avoid the loss of glycogen.
  • Don’t do lean mass period often.
  • Do blood test to check your health prior to start
  • Ask your doctor advice if needed
  • Have a good coach to guide you during those 7 days
  • Go slowly but surely
  • Would you have any health discomfort stop immediately and get back to it when you know better about your discomfort. Ask for medical advices

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