5 main basics in CrossFit

5 main basics in CrossFit

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What attracts us in Crossfit is the variety of programs but that’s also what makes us lose control.

The willingness to learn too fast plays trick on us. Lets’ get away from self-defeating improvisations and let’s target clear goals which will prevent us of hurting ourselves. Let’s practice an efficient training method !


Even though a lot of us practice Crossfit to let off steam/wind up, the main principle is to progress according to our abilities. Not everybody is able to instantly manage moves. Weightlifting, gymnastic and athletics require, for those who are already specialists in each domain, a huge workout…that’s why you should not jump the gun.

The complexity of Crossfit is based on technicity but also on physiology.

The exercises use many qualities of endurance, strength and mobility. It is recommended to work everything but in the right order. Concretely, prioritize the work of force before that of endurance because it quickly saturates the nervous system.
Another thing is not to neglect the warm up. To know that one hour of training is not enough if one wants to optimize the warm-up and thus its training.


In Crossfit, routine is almost nonexistent. Halas! It is not necessary a 100% positive point. We need to find the right balance between rigor and variety. You can keep in mind this sportive quote: training is making choices. To put it in a nutshell, if you want to develop your strength, the frequency of series should be low.


It is important to keep a scheduled training. The repetition of weights is essential to deepen the basics. To have the full knowledge of some moves is more interesting than knowing how to do everything just a little bit.


One of the principles of Crossfit is the alternation of weights (volume and intensity). To be able to go further, you must control and manage your weight. After succeeding this step, your progress will keep on.

Recovery time 

Managing your recovery time is one of the most important success keys. Recovery allows your body to accept endured efforts and to be prompt for the next session. If you neglect this part, you will lose the control of your training sessions.

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