Why is Mobility syrup so performing?

Why is Mobility syrup so performing?

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In most sport, what suffers the most are the articulations, even more so during combined exercises. It mostly affects your knees, shoulders, elbows, ankles, wrists, and your intra vertebrae disks.

Anatomically speaking your articulations are very complex, they are made of different distinct parts (joint cartilage, ligaments, tendons) they are all linked to one another, they are meant to separate the bones to which they are attached to.

To answer at that need from your articulations, Pur Vitae has created Mobility syrup. Why is it so efficient?

Organic silicon

Stimulate the synthetizes of collagens and elastin that are part of joints are made of. It also helps the consolidation of your tendons and ligaments that may have been hurt by violent exercises. In order for it to be a 100% digested Pur Vitae uses green Organic Silicon.

Chondroitin sulfate sodium

Chondroitin increase your capacity of resistance, flexibility, ability to tract of collagen of your joints. It helps anchoring the elastin allowing the adherence of your joints matter. We use it as a sulfate so that your body digests correctly. 

Glucosamine sulfate

Extracted from of Chitin that makes the crabs ‘shell in cold sees, allows to synthetizes glycoprotein which fill up the spaces between extracellular spaces between collagens and elastin, binding the each of those element as one. A lack of glucosamine sulfate provocation the destruction of the joints.



This plant coming from India is highly recognized for its anti-inflammatory power so called: The curcumin. When your articulations are too much solicited your caps get inflamed and you can have more or less pains.

The inflammation is scarce thanks to curcuma it is less painful. In order to work even better Pur Vitae uses 95% of curcumin this is outrageous.

curcuma articulations

MSN Methyl-sulfonyl-methane

The msn is an organic sulfur natural resource. According to researchers, Sulfur, allows the synthetizes of acid hyaluronic in your joints. MSN can be compared to an engine oil. In order for your joints to move properly you need MSN , this is  why Mobility Syrup is so important for you and your body.

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