Is Omega-3 necessary for athletes?

Is Omega-3 necessary for athletes?

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Omega-3s are certainly the most indispensable food supplement for athletes.

They act as a balance for fat acidosis, sportive recuperation, blood pressure, and oxygen.


You can find Omega-3 under two different form:

Short chain omega 3, ALA, found in vegetal

Long chain omega 3, EPA and DHA, found in fish

Omega-3 long chain, EPA and DHA, are more interesting for athletes.
Specifically, EPA and DHA acids can be produced from ALA but the inputs are extremely low and therefore less effective.(Hessvik 2010 Metabolic switching of human myotubes )


What about Omega-6 roles?

Unlike Omega-3, consuming too much Omega-6 can be unhealthy. It can be found in Modern type of food under lipids

Based on transformed food Omega 6 free pros inflammatory substances, (pains, coagulation of blood, fever) when Omega-3 are anti-inflammatory.

Unbalanced food gives a chronical inflammatory field. We must balance the organism from fat acidosis with Omega-3.


Why do we have muscle soreness after working out?

Our inflammatory state can also come from sport.

After training our muscles are slightly shredded. This is what provoke soreness. This is what we call soreness, this comes from Omega-6 telling us there are traumas to be fixed.


How can we fix it?

Using Omega-3! Moreover, Omega-3 stimulate gain of muscle mass thanks to anti-catabolic and anabolic effects.(McDonald 2013 omega-3 fatty acids and changes in LBM)

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