How are organic product elaborated?

How are organic product elaborated?

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Pur Vitae wants you to consume proper products. Product from organic agriculture.

Organic product is not a trend. It is more about being sure to consume proper and healthy foods.


Where do we find organic ingredients?

Organic products must come from an organic agriculture. It must be an organic European licensed.

Companies making certified organic products, must also be certified in order to use product issued from the organic culture. They also must respect the end organic end product used and must respect the organic product used, which also must respect the EU convention of organic product.

  • Listing of the ingredient,
  • Place of production where it was made which is also certified to work in the organic production certification
  • The ingredients used are certified: Organic. meaning they have been produced by people respecting the EU certification laws.

In a nutshell: The organic product is without any kind of pesticides, without any kind of antibiotics that is to say without any kind of synthetic product.


What is the process to offer a certified product?

At each step of production, we must:

  • Respect the contract notice of specification about the concerned step
  • We have to hire an organism of certification accredited for France and Europe, which controls around 4 times a year (twice by appointment, twice without)


Organic also means quality?

As you may have noticed producing Organic require a certain kind of recognized know how.

Organic product is a sign of respect toward a contract notice of specification, a sign of free from treatment food consumption.


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