A nice recognition for the made in France nutrition !

A nice recognition for the made in France nutrition !

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In 2016, two expertises matched: a qualified coach's and a natural food supplements producer's. Combining their knowledge, they together created Pur Vitaé and Wod Nutrition. It is a well-known feeding practice in Cross training’s world. In 2019, thanks to its success, Pur Vitaé broadened its horizons and offered a more complete and particularly adapted new range for trailers and endurance trainers.

A specialized innovation developed for athletes!

Pur Vitae bet hardly on only 10 ml food supplements. In other words, glass ampoules named PUISSANCE Oxygen and HYDRATION. They are efficient since the first intake and easy to use, especially when we are by ourselves in nature. Let’s make a big highlight on these outstanding products. Puissance oxygène is a pre-workout used for cardo trainings. Ideally conceived for short, high-intensity trails to decrease painting and muscular acid. It is designed for longer trails to protect muscles and maintain endurance too. The product’s use is different depending on the trail’s length as PUISSANCE is active for 30 minutes. On short trails (less than 40 minutes), the intake of PUISSANCE Oxygen can be done at the race’s start, while for longer trails (more than 40 minutes), it is advised to take it when you start to be tired. HYDRATION, a remineralizing complex made of high dosed minerals (Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium) as well as Siberian Ginseng (powerful anti-tiredness root) and a lot of vitamins helps avoiding cramps and muscular tiredness. It must be diluted in a small water bottle before being consumed. If you lack water, you can still take the glass ampoule by itself.

These two products built the reputation of Pur Vitae as an avant-garde brand which totally understands trainers’ needs.


An outstanding invention: The Sirop Mobilité (Mobility Syrup)

Another jewel from Pur Vitae’s range is Sirop Mobilité. It is a food supplement which decreases joint’s pains and enhances flexibility. Its efficiency comes from a high concentration of anti-inflammatory active ingredients working as a shield to reinforce the whole joint system: “It is, without any doubt, a key product at Pur Vitaé, as joints’ pains are very recurrent. It is especially annoying as it can lead to a break in trainings, or even to a definite stop. With our Mobility Syrup, athletes are not anymore obliged to keep on while being in pain."  says the creator of the brand.


100% natural and organic products

In the organic range, Pur Vitae offers a powerful mix of roots and medicinal plants known for their anti-fatigue action: The ENERGY Bio product. Composed of organic Maca, organic Ginseng, organic Guarana and organic ginger. It is the perfect cocktail to avoid tiredness, fight coldness and increase our resistance for managing altitude differences in better conditions.


Word-of-mouth: a powerful communication mean at Pur Vitae

In the digital world, word-of-mouth still stays the best advertisement for a quality brand. At Pur Vitaé, clients are enthusiastic about their experience and do not hesitate to leave positive comments on social medias or to talk about it to their relatives.

"Our best commercial asset is our reputation, strongly supported by our followers, our athletes/muses and gym’s owners. Nowadays, we have more than 30.000 followers on social medias and more than 100 suppliers in France and Europe. For a brand-new company of 2 years old, it is very encouraging."  says Kevin, one of commercial managers

Thanks to its strong reputation, especially in the CrossFit field, Pur Vitaé bets on its made in France products’ quality to broaden its target. The Healthy range, represented by a green-winged hummingbird, wants to take off in 2019. It wants to confirm its place in the healthy, organic and natural food supplements‘ world.


A brand which preaches community’s values

Pur Vitae has not only the goal to offer efficient and healthy food supplements. Indeed, the managers launched a training’s program in order to develop a community spirit. These trainings are organized by nutrition and sport professionals. At the end of each session, the participants of the day “The Healthiest” leave with a theorical and practical learning. They can daily use it to lead a more balanced lifestyle.

Along the same lines, the brand has also a blog on their website, which addresses a lot of diverse themes: sportive coaching (hints), health and interviews with athletes. Their goal is to share their knowledge and useful information to the community.



Article from Esprit Trail magazine, February 2019. Credit photo: Vyns Rourre


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