Paleo diet, ketogenic, low carb...should we forget all about carbohydrates?

Paleo diet, ketogenic, low carb...should we forget all about carbohydrates?

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Stopping, slowing down eating bread, pasta and rice, is often the moto of diet. The paleo diet often think that cereals are not good for human consummation. Ketogenic diet suggest to replace it by some fat, and those who are into low carbs ask us to drastically eliminate it from our diet. In the long run Carbs are good for our health this is what the diet pyramid used to tell us. What about today, what is said about all that.

Different diets

To each its own. Nowadays we often hear about “Paleo diet” this means back to basic diet. Connection with nature, and back to our forefather’s diet.  The Ketogenic diet is coming back into diet trends. When it came out in 1920 it was usually used for children suffering from epilepsies. By then there was no treatment. This diet is about eliminating cereals and to replace them by lipids (meat/ fish/ eggs/dairy products). They become a source of fuel for the body. We reduce carb (white bread, pasta, cakes, high level in fructose fruits). This is not a war against low cab diets and we use food with a high nutritional level.

Gluten is not our best friend

According to American neurologist, gluten is considered like a cause to neurodegenerative disease developments. This molecule is often found in cereals it weakens intestinal walls and fill up the stomach without any space left in your stomach for healthy food.

As far as Ketogenics diet adept are concerned carbs and gluten are not bad for you. Yet they are not considered as fully necessary. The main goal of this diet is odd, it is to slow down carbs, and to leave out cereals from our diet so that our liver can produce its own glucose using from our own stock (muscles) this as for effect to lose weight fast according to Ketogenics.

Should we stop cereals all together?

According to Dr. Lecerf carbs are useful and are the best fuel for our cells. According to him people having a hard time building up muscle mass should not use the Ketogenic diet, needless to say they are neurologic problem free. he mentions that not enough studies have been driven to confirm the impact on the intestinal flora. This is the same as fare as the paleo diet is concerned. This diet would be better for people with a high intensity of activities, the way our ancestors did, hunting, fishing harvesting. This is absolutely not meant for sedentary people.

To conclude we should avoid transformed or industrialized food. (most likely cereals) and favor home prepared dishes. Diets must be supervised by professionals. Diets are not meant for a massive and fast weight loss.

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