Why eating proteins? What are the benefits for the body?

Why eating proteins? What are the benefits for the body?

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Proteins are everywhere. It is simple, there is not one cell in our body not made of protein.

Hence, we need protein down to the core of our tissues.

Cells die every day and new ones multiply each day. There is a constant recycling system in our body.

Our diet helps us bringing components “like detached pieces” to replace damaged, burnt or destroyed components of old cells.

Among these detached pieces that our body needs, there are the amino acids. They are the basics of proteins. Aka, the molecules’s links of proteins.

The list of amino acids is long and some of them are called essentials as the human body is unable to create them.

They must be supplied by our protein diet, which, after being digested, brings it to our cells through blood flow.

The protein Pur Vitae brings a panel of amino acids, including essential ones. All this in a very digestible way, with a maximum absorption of the protein.



The safety of Pur Vitae Protein

Ou protein is made according to the Flow Chat (European normalized process)

We have decided to invest on safety food by offering you a protein from the dairy field (not a cheese by-product)

With a scientific committee, we have opted for two things. First, not denaturalizing or purifying the protein, which will make the product become harmful.

All doctors will tell you: a source of protein, unique and extremely pure can create kidney problems, for people who do not strictly control their diet.

Being conscious of all these previous facts, Pur Vitae respected very strict specifications

It follows the same basics for all Pur Vitae products:

  • Efficiency quickly felt by users
  • Natural origin with a minimal chemical process
  • Easy to use: simply diluted in water
  • Maximal digestible : for the organism to take advantage of protein’s bioavailability
  • Pleasure : smooth texture and exquisite taste

At Pur Vitae’s, we make sure our products bring you a complete safety.

Click on the link to know more about our Protein Whey & Peas.

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