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Trail Pack


The Trail Pack is intended for runners who wish to improve their endurance and reduce their muscle and joint pains.

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Wod Nutrition Athlete Pack


The athlete pack has been created for diligents sportsmen for athletes and confirmed athletes. This pack contains the 4 products of the WOD NUTRITION® for 50 days of program!

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Competitor pack


The competitor pack is intended to all athletes wishing to harmonize their performance with food supplements working in full synergy throughout the day.

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Gladiator pack


The Gladiator pack brings together all the Pur Vitae product range. Make your body and mind your best forces without waiting!

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Articulation and Mobility pack


The Articulation Mobility Pack will allow you to complete your articular strengthening program over several weeks. Its efficiency is guaranteed, think about it!

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Slimming Pack


A new EXPLOSIF duo that will be your ally for the massive weight loss and the refinement of your silhouette!

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