lean mass muscle

Lean mass muscle : how to build a sculptural body

We too often use the term « lean mass». in sport, it neither mean to lose weight nor to lose fat. It really means to lose a lot of water located between the skin and the muscle in order to better show fibers and veins.
It never has meant to perform better, it is often used by bodybuilders before a competition or before a photo shooting by top models.

brûleur de graisse

Fat burner: how does it work?

After a bad diet, sedentary life, hormonal disorders, stress, depression pregnancy after weight gain. Even after changing your diet and regular physical activities you are having difficulties to lose weight. You wish to boost your metabolism and think a fat burning can help you. This is how to understand how it works.

ketogenic diet

Paleo diet, ketogenic, low carb…should we forget all about carbohydrates?

Stopping, slowing down eating bread, pasta and rice, is often the moto of diet. The paleo diet often think that cereals are not good for human consummation. Ketogenic diet suggest to replace it by some fat, and those who are into low carbs ask us to drastically eliminate it from our diet. In the long run Carbs are good for our health this is what the diet pyramid used to tell us. What about today, what is said about all that.