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Pur Vitae Wod Nutrition

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Pioneers of vegetable protein & whey

High aminogram

Highly digestible


HYDRATION box of 33 ampoules


Helps to deeply hydrate muscle tissue cells

Limits cramps and general fatigue

Improves resistance to stressful events

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POWER Booster Pre Workout


Helps maintaining health and the respiratory system

Contributes to the normal transport of oxygen in the body

Improves resistance to effort and endurance

Improves testosterone production

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Slimming Pack


A new EXPLOSIF duo that will be your ally for the massive weight loss and the refinement of your silhouette!

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Powerful food supplements

Find in our boutique made in France a range perfectly studied and elaborated with care.


Our French manufacturing know-how

State-of-the-art technology and the careful selection of raw materials guarantee the highest quality production in our French laboratories. Click here to learn more about us.

Products adapted to your sporting passion

Skilled sportsmen and top athletes trust us in their nutritional preparation.

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Pur Vitae was born from the meeting of two multidiscipline sport lovers who care about physical and cognitive sportive performances during their training and entire day.


A Sport club manager and a food supplement manufacturer have committed themselves to create a unic, natural, organic range of “made in France” supplements with the main purpose to cover all the body and mind needs.


The synergy of their know-hows allowed to elaborate the 5 first products of the range which are presented asthe origin of the WOD Nutrition® ​*WOD = Workout Of the Day


All our products are tested and approved by our team and athletes. PurVitae® is establishing itself as the emblematic brand for sportive people practising multidiscipline exercises especially : cardio, weightlifting, gymnastic, agility, endurance…


Human size company, PurVitae is currently open to hear every recommendation in the purpose of creating new products or starting new sportive partnership.


Mens sana in corpore sano