Slimming Pack

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  • It improves the functioning of the digestive and urinary system
  • It eliminates toxins
  • It turns fat into energy
  • It reduces weight and waistline
  • It decreases excess fat

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The SLIMMING PACK is an explosive duo and your best ally in massive weight loss and refining your figure.

When overeating you feel bloated and chubby. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, the SLIMMING PACK allows you to find your shape. It contains DETOX to drain and COMBUSTION to burn. This combo works in perfect symbiosis and gives results very quickly.

DETOX is the combination of 4 plants with detoxifying virtues: Artichoke, Dandelion, Sage and Green Tea, recognized for their synergistic actions in the body and more specifically on the digestive and urinary system.

Enriched with Bromelain (pineapple extract), Choline and Chrome, its effectiveness is characterized by its Slimming 3D action

  • DRAIN (eliminate water retention, cellulite and invigorate venous tone)
  • DIGESTION (reactivate metabolism and intestinal flora, avoid bloating)
  • DETOXIFY (facilitate the elimination of toxins especially through "filter" organs such as the liver, kidneys and intestines)

COMBUSTION is a mixture of 4 ingredients carefully combined to bring you the best slimming benefits:


Developed over 10 years ago, this formula intelligently combines the benefits of Inulin (chicory root), Guarana, Green Tea, and Artichoke for an action on weight reduction and waistline refinement.

Clinical tests have been conducted on this formula and the result has been very conclusive. The average weight loss for women was -1.93kg in 30 days and for men was -1.76kg. The weight loss was not brutal but regular and gradual which is also recommended by nutritionists. Studies have also shown a "flat stomach" effect with an action on the waist and transit


The incredible fruits of Nopal & Garcinia

These fruits have been recognized for many years for their actions on massive weight loss. Nopal is a plant from the Cactus family, very popular in Mexican cuisine and also used in traditional Aztec medicine to reduce gastrointestinal disorders. This robust plant is rich in dietary fiber and decreases the absorption of glucose (sugar). As for Garcinia Cambogia, it is a bark originating mainly from India which contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) traditionally used to destock fats.


The awesome C.L.A

C.L.A (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is known to the general public and in particular to the sports community for its ability to transport fatty acids to muscles, thus avoiding their storage in adipose tissue. Concretely, the C.L.A helps to balance the muscle and fat ratio thus allowing to have a more "dry" appearance.


It helps transform fat into energy

COMBUSTION is essentially a lipolytic fat burner which frees fat from adipose tissue in order to use it as fuel.


It reduces weight and waist circumference

The diuretic character provided by Green Tea and Artichoke decreases your water retention and helps to have a drier and more defined appearance of the muscles.


It reduces excess fat

Our burner also has a stimulating character through a perfectly balanced dosage of Guarana. It allows you to have more energy to spend more of these excesses.

In the same way that a good sports session is pleasant to do as a team for more sensation and power, we advise you to couple COMBUSTION with DETOX in view of an effective Slimming cure at 360 °!

The Slimming Pack contains 2 products: 1 DETOX (drainer) and 1 COMBUSTION (Fat Burner).


Dilute 35ml in a bottle of water using the measuring cup and shake well before drinking. To consume throughout the day. We recommend that you continue taking it continuously throughout the 14-day program.


Take 3 capsules 2 times a day or 2 capsules 3 times a day, always before meals with a large glass of water.

For total efficiency, you are advised to pair the COMBUSTION with the DETOX by Pur Vitae.

We recommend that you continue taking it continuously throughout the 18-day program.

Can not replace a varied and balanced diet. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Store away from light and in a clean, dry place. Not intended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women. Use in people on anti-diabetic treatment is not recommended. Contains caffeine.

Data sheet

Detox: 500ml // Combustion: 110 caps
Days of cure
Detox: 14 days // Combustion: 18 days

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Association de produits efficaces au goût agréable. A utiliser en complément d'une alimentation équilibrée pour obtenir les résultats attendus.


Le goût est agréable, une sensation de légèreté tout au long de la journée et une bonne énergie !


Cure efficace, aucune perte d'énergie. L'alliance des 2 produits fonctionne pour se sentir mieux.


Facile et efficace. je recommande le produit qui permet d avoir un résultat efficace. Et pour une fois, ce genre de drainer a bon goût!


Produits au top, l'association des deux produits est super, on voit l'amélioration physique de part le bruleur de graisse, et une grosse amélioration de la digestion et de sensation de légèreté avec le sirop detox, de plus gout très agréable !!


Super produits, bonne combinaison, je vais attaquer la seconde cure pour me sentir encore mieux pour la rentrée


Petite cure efficace et facile à réaliser ; je renouvèlerai l’experience pour préparer l’été ou réparer les dégâts après les fêtes


Petite cure efficace et facile à réaliser ; je renouvèlerai l’experience pour préparer l’été ou réparer les dégâts après les fêtes


Le goût du draineur est extra,comme du thé froid mais sans le sucre. La combinaison des 2 est parfaite pour dégonfler


Ce produit a répondu totalement à mes attentes très satisfait Je le recommande


super au top je recommande et très bon a boire niveau du goût


Efficace avec 1 effet rapide avec une bonne alimentation. Je recommanderais


Excellent produit, je recommande ✅


le cumul des deux est la meilleur facon pour mi d'amorcer une perte de gras! de beaux resultats des la première semaine!


Excellente combinaison, résultats rapides. je l'ai associé à un régime alimentaire protéiné : - 6 kg en 2 mois Aucune perte d'énergie

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