• Two-step action
  • Excellent taste and natural aromas
  • Highly digestible: PDCAAS score of 94
  • Without dye and without preservatives
  • Milk from Breton farms

Made in France. Milk from Breton farms

19 amino acids including all the essential amino acids for the body and muscles

No preservatives or colorants. Natural flavors

Very high PDCAAS score of 94 out of 100 which proves efficient digestibility

Pur Vitae innovates, once again, with its protein double hat. A mixture PEAS and WHEY which brings only the benefits of the protein and excludes all its disadvantages.

By mixing the best properties of vegetable protein and whey our body can only get benefit from it. The pea protein is light, has no GMO, does not cause bloating, is digested slowly and has almost all the essential amino acids (AAE). In addition, our whey has all and a hyge amount of the AAE and has a stronger and faster action in the body. We are the pioneers of this mix vegetable protein & whey. 


High aminogram

Pur Vitaé Protein contains 19 amino acids including 11 essential to the body. Since these nutrients can not be produced by the body itself, supplementation with our protein is highly recommended.


Highly digestible

Our protein has a chemical index of 122 (rate that measures the nutritional quality of amino acids) which means a largely optimal use of the EAAs (above 100). In addition, our PDCAAS (Protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score ) is very high. For vanilla flavor for example it is 94 in 100.



Why have mixed two proteins?

Vegetable protein is trendy but the taste is not always appreciable especially for regular taking. Many people complain of having the feeling of "eating grass" and others that this type of protein provides only a low level of amino acids. On the other hand vegetable proteins are absorbed more slowly by the body and this allows to leave him time to synthesize the proteins more efficiently.

As for Whey, it remains at the moment the most consumed protein in the world for its rapid assimilation, its good content of amino acids and its ability to offer good tastes.


A two-step action

Our body is a machine. To avoid overloading the digestive process, Pur Vitae has combined vegetable protein and animal protein to obtain a two-stage digestion. The Whey is digested faster and vegetable protein much slower. With this new concept of "intelligent protein" Pur Vitae puts everything right!


Pure serum protein

Our protein is derived from the serum fraction of milk which allows us to obtain an excellent nutritional quality of protein. It is a high concentration whey protein that does not come from the cheese industry. During manufacture, our protein has not been chemically modified or altered.

Excellent taste and natural aromas

Protein is in your daily life. You take it to avoid eating foods that you will regret afterwards, to recover better and to create muscle mass. Conscious of this, Pur Vitae studied texture, solubility and taste. Taking your protein shaker should be a moment of pleasure, a supplement that is good for your body and good for the taste buds. With our Whey & Peas Protein you will have the impression of drinking a delicious hot Italian chocolate (without the sugar and calories), going on a trip to the islands with the vanilla  flavor, or even tasting a delicious strawberry smoothie.


Very rich amino acid intake

The protein Whey / Peas of Pur Vitae (chocolate taste) will bring you 76,1% of protein and 17g of BCAA for 30 doses of 25g.

The protein Whey / Peas of Pur Vitae (vanilla flavor) will bring you 78.8% of protein and 17.6g of BCAA for 30 doses of 25g.

The protein Whey / Peas of Pur Vitae (strawberry flavor) will bring you 80.9% of protein and 18g of BCAA for 30 doses of 25g.

In addition they are not fat, only 1.2g of lipids for a dose of 25g!


Developed, manufactured and packaged in France

Pur Vitae is proud to be French and to be able to distribute its know-how in Europe. The Made In France is in vogue for legitimate reasons and we intend to continue to value it and pull up the quality values ​​of France. In addition, if our protein is so good, one of the reasons is that our milk comes from Breton farms!

Ingredients: Chocolate Flavor: Concentrated and whey protein isolate (emulsifier: soy lecithin and sunflower), pea protein, cocoa powder.

Taste Vanilla: Concentrated and whey protein isolate (emulsifier: soy lecithin and sunflower), pea protein, natural flavor.


Nutritional information for 100g or for a 25g dose:

100g 25g 100g 25g 100g 25g
Energetic value 376 kcal 94 kcal 374 kcal 93,5 kcal

375 kcal

93,3 kcal
Fat 4,8g 1,2g 4,1g 1,02g 4,2g 1,05g
Of which saturates 1,8g 0,45g 1,2g 0,3g 1,3g 0,33g
Carbohydrates 6,1g 1,53g 5,5g 1,37g 3,2g 0,8g
With sugar 2,7g 0,68g 5,4g 1,35g 2,5g 0,63g
Dietary fiber 1,7g 0,43g 0,2g 0,05g 0,2g 0,05g
Protein 76,1g 19g 78,8g 19,7g 80,9g 20,22g
Salt 1,5g 0,37g 1,6g 0,4g 1,5g 0,38g


Aminogram average for 100g of protein or for a dose of 25g:

100g 25g 100g 25g 100g 25g
BCAA 22,31g 4,25g 22,36g 4,41g 18,09g 4,52g
Alanine 4,76g 0,91g 4,75g 0,94g 3,84g 0,96g
Arginine 3,2g 0,61g 3,16g 0,62g 2,55g 0,64g
Aspartate 10,97g 2,09g 10,97g 2,14g 8,86g 2,22g
Cysteine 2,13g 0,41g 2,13g 0,42g 1,72g 0,43g
Glutamate 17,59g 3,35g 17,56g 3,36g 14,19g 3,55g
Glycin 1,96g 0,37g 1,93g 0,38g 1,56g 0,39g
Histidin 1,95g 0,37g 1,96g 0,39g 1,59g 0,40g
Isoleucin 5,7g 1,09g 5,71g 1,13g 4,61g 1,15g
Leucine 11,04g 2,10g 11,12g 2,19g 9,00g 2,25g
Lysine 9,35g 1,78g 9,43g 1,86g 7,12g 1,91g
Methionine 2,03g 1,78g 2,04g 0,40g 1,65g 0,41g
Phenylalanine 3,7g 0,7g 3,69g 0,73g 2,98g 0,75g
Proline 5,11g 0,97g 5,1g 1,01g 4,12g 1,03g
Serine 4,64g 1,04g 4,62g 0,91g 3,73g 0,93g
Threonine 5,46g 1,04g 5,44g 1,07g 4,3g9 1,10g
Tryptophane 1,79g 0,34g 1,8g 0,36g 1,46g 0,37g
Tyrosine 3,12g 0,59g 3,12g 0,62g 2,53g 0,63g
Valine 5,56g 1,06g 5,54g 1,09g 4,48g 1,12g


Mix 1 part of 25g with water (up to 200ml) in your shaker according to your convenience. Consume ideally within 30 minutes after your workout for better absorption and use of proteins and amino acids by your body. To increase your performance and your weight gain in an intense sports activity you can take up to 3 doses per day.


To consume in the hour following the preparation. Follow the advice for use.Well enclose the pot between each use. Store away from light and in a clean, dry place. Not intended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women and the elderly. Reserved for adults. Must not be used as a sole source of power. It is essential to drink at least 1.5 liters of water during the day.


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gout et digestibilité bonne

Il serait interessant d'avoir plusieurs tailles pour optimiser le prix et passer à de l'emballage Kraft. par 1kg et 3 kg serait plus adapté à une consommation régulière



Un goût exquis! Elle se mélange très bien et ne laisse aucun grumeau. Pas de maux de ventre, ni de ballonnement après les prises. J'en reprendrai avec plaisir.


Super produit gout top moi qui a toujours des problèmes pour digérer la prot là rien aucun effet indesirable je dirais recommande a 200%


Tres bonne whey


Se mélange très bien et pas de grumeaux. Très bon goût et léger sur la digestion. Je recommande


Utilisé depuis 4 jours, agréablement surpris, goût fraise agréable, dissolution complète facile et digestion facile.


Produit au top ! Rien à ajouter


Très bon produit. Elle se mélange parfaitement à l'eau sans laisser de grumeaux. Le goût vanille est top !


Bon produit, qui se dilue facilement et à bon goût.


Très bon produit, a bon goût.


très bon produit déjà 2 semaines essaye sa m'aide beaucoup dans ma préparation je vous conseille


Très bon produit. elle se dilue très bien et est agréable à déguster. Digestion bien assimilée. je recommande


Super protéine ! Chocolat très bon, je vais tester la vanille. Aucun problème de digestion alors que chez moi c'est souvent un problème.


Surement la meilleure protéine sur le marché


Bonsoir PurVitae
Juste un petit commentaire pour vous dire que votre Whey saveur Vanille... c’est un truc de fifou !! Le goût est sensationnel, j’étais adepte du chocolat auparavant mais là c’est vraiment de la folie Extra avec du lait de coco ! Dissolution parfaite et aucunes lourdeurs d’estomac après ingestion, bref que du bon !
Merci pour la qualité au top du top de vos produits !


Excellent goût et très bonne dissolution


A la vanille ou au chocolat , goût agréable, pas trop sucré. après un WOD de crossfit c'est super


Au chocolat... pour démarrer la journée... un REGAL !!!


Produit très digeste, goût agréable. Fabriqué avec des produits sains!!


Produit fantastique !


A la vanille, goût agréable, pas trop sucré. Je le mélange à du fromage blanc le matin au petit déjeuner ou le soir après un WOD de crossfit.


Meilleur Prot que je n'ai jamais gouter! tres assimilable, pas de probleme de digestion et un très apport en protéine! Le Mélange pois whey apporte une vrai senstation de sasiété!


Ma préférée pour l'instant . Je la trouve meilleur que la concurrence qui cible les scéances de crossfit ou cross training.