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  • For athletes looking to excel
  • Perfect for endurance
  • Keep the body healthy (muscles, cardio, joints and immune system)
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The TRAIL PACK is intended for trail runners looking to improve their endurance ability, guarantee the best functioning of their muscles and joints, protect their cardiovascular system and strengthen their immunity.

We consider trail running as a very popular sport but also very "wearing". Even if you are a seasoned runner, general fatigue and joint pain can limit your performance and prevent you from having fun while running.

This pack contains 4 food supplements ideally dosed for the physique of the traileur, his needs in nutritional intake and his challenges. You will find: ENERGY Bio, Mobility Syrup and HYDRATION and POWER Oxygen bulbs.


  • Composed with the best Ginseng in the world (as simple as that.)

  • It stimulates your immune function (better than grandma's teas)

  • Natural and organic booster. No side effects or palpitations

This invigorating cocktail from organic farming is made from Ginseng, Maca (a powerful medicinal root), Guarana from Latin America and Ginger. The composition of ENERGY Bio is 100% natural. It is effective in preventing trail runners from knocking during an outing. This organic booster has no side effects: no palpitations or excitement. It draws from the power of nature the best resources to regain vitality, tone, resistance and immunity. The duration of the effectiveness of ENERGY Bio is several hours, ideal for long trails or marathons. Trail runners often face abrupt changes in outside temperature and other extreme challenges. This is why, an adapted supplementation which remains intimately linked to their values and to nature is essential.

  • Ideal for reducing joint pain

  • HHighly concentrated in Turmeric and 4 other natural ingredients

  • Also improves flexibility and elasticity of the tissues (too much efficiency now and then)

Protect and take care of your joints with the Mobility Syrup. This dietary supplement consists of Turmeric, Organic Silicon (Nettle extract), Glucosamine (originating from the shell of crustaceans), Chondroitin (essential component of cartilage) and MSM (ingredient present in blood plasma). Trail runners know the importance of keeping their entire joint system in good health, and we understand that.

  • Anti-cramping

  • Powerful intake of minerals and vitamins

  • Deep hydration of muscle tissue

In trail runners, the loss of these nutrients, especially through perspiration, is significant due to intense, continuous efforts over a long period of several hours. This causes cramps, malaise, reduced performance, among others. This is where Hydration ampoules play a decisive role in the hydration of runners' muscle tissue. As a reminder, water is a hypotonic drink and does not compensate for the loss of sodium. Hydration bulbs, on the other hand, will do the trick because they are isotonic.

POWER Oxygen bulbs
  • Ideal to improve your cardio

  • It gives a second breath during intense efforts

  • Booster without side effects (as healthy as possible)

POWER Oxygen helps reduce breathlessness and muscle acidosis (when you have a burning sensation in the muscles). Any self-respecting trail runner has already felt these annoyances by trying to reduce them to the maximum without really any result. To improve your performance in a concrete way, you need POWER Oxygen.

How to use the TRAIL PACK?

If you are going to run more than 4 hours, start with Energy Bio. Take 3 capsules every morning for breakfast, a week before the race. On D-Day take 3 capsules one hour before starting the race. Keep taking it a minimum of 1 week after the race. Concerning the Mobility Syrup, it is recommended to start the cure 5 days before the race and on day D take 40ML in the morning on waking, empty stomach. The day after the race, do a 5-day cure.

For Hydration and Oxygen Power ampoules' take 1 Hydration ampoule before departure diluted in 40ml of water (about 1 glass of water) then take 1 POWER Oxygen ampoule 10 minutes before your first fatigue cap. Half an hour or 1 hour after your "usual" falling regime take the second Hydration ampoule (drink the ampoule as a shot with a sip of water). Before the end of the race (about 10km) take the second POWER Oxygen bulb.

If your run is less than 4 hours you can follow the same instructions as those given above by changing only the intake of the bulbs: take 1 bulb of each insteaf of 2.

In respect of the environment, do not throw the bulbs in the environment.

The Trail Pack contains 4 products: 1 ENERGY Bio with 100 capsules / 1 MOBILITY SYRUP / 6 ampoules PUISSANCE Oxygen / 6 ampoules HYDRATION


To take before training.


Take on an empty stomach before breakfast.


To take during or after training. To dilute in a bottle of water.

À prendre pendant ou après entraînement. À diluer dans une bouteille d'eau.


For long races (+ 40min): to take during the first track of fatigue

For sprints: take 10min before starting

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Très bon, testé ce week-end sur une compétition très efficace


Produit indispensable les semaines qui précède le trail .!. Tout y est : avant / pendant / après l’effort (articulation, hydratation, énergie) Très bon pack

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