Muscle Gain Pack

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  • Muscle mass maintenance
  • Essential amino acid intake
  • Perfect in period of muscular reinforcement

If you want to progress while maintaining your muscle mass, you've come to the right pack! We explain in detail why!

Protein is life! Indeed, if we have hair, muscles, bones, organs, hormones ... it's thanks to proteins!

To understand the role of proteins in our organism, we can imagine that our body is a puzzle and that proteins are the pieces of this puzzle.

Indeed, our body constantly needs to renew its cells and for this it needs amino acids. There are a hundred amino acids but only 20 are coded by our body.

Among these 20 amino acids, only 11 can be produced by the body itself, the other 9 are available in Pur Vitae Whey & Pea Protein. Namely, the lack of any one of these amino acids can cause adverse effects in the body. 

As you understand, Protein is essential for the proper functioning of the human body. Beyond that, Whey & Pea Protein ensures the maintenance of a good volume of muscle mass and provides you with the essential amino acids. 


How do I know if I need protein supplementation?

  • Too often you are tired
  • You train less than twice a week but intensely
  • You train more than twice a week
  • You do a lot of endurance and strength training
  • You want to gain muscle mass
  • You would like to cash in the workouts faster with less aches


Why consume BCAAs?

BCAA's, are part of the family of amino acids essential to the body, but they are not always provided in sufficient quantities by the diet. Moreover, during training our body constantly requests our muscles, therefore a supply of BCAA's allows us to obtain a new source of energy and not to lose muscle mass.

At Pur Vitae, our BCAA is in the form of a training drink, it is ENDURANCE Workout also present in this pack. Composed of 75% BCAA vegan, Acai berry and WATTS'UP® it is recommended for your strength, endurance and interval training.

With natural mango flavors, ENDURANCE Workout is very light and pleasant to drink. It accompanies you in your weight gain because this vegan BCAA contributes to good protein synthesis.



To recap, here are the 3 products of the Mass Gain Pack:


Novelty         Two-step smart action
Digest CI of 122% 
Healthy without colouring agent
Efficient Better recovery and weight gain
Made in France Made with Breton milk


ENDURANCE Workout BCAA Watts'up Açai

Performance   It contributes to normal protein metabolism
Innovation  Patented and unique formula
Health It regulates hormonal activity 


SHAKER Pur Vitae with two compartments

Large volume Up to 500ml
Compartiments For drinks and capsules
Food Bisphenol A and Phthalate free

The Muscle Gain pack contains 3 products: 

1 ENDURANCE Workout 
1 Shaker Pur Vitae


Mix 1 dose of 25g with a little water (up to 200 ml) in your shaker according to your convenience. Consume ideally within 30 minutes of your workout for better absorption and use of proteins and amino acids by your body. Consume within one hour of preparation.


Dilute 8g in 300ml of water using the metering flask and shake well before drinking. Consume during strength and / or cardio training. Ideal catch with fresh water.

Shaker Pur Vitae

Do not put the object in contact with the fire / hot air: microwave, oven, dishwasher...

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