FITNESS SHOT® Silhouette - Set of 32 ampoules

  • It contributes to weight loss
  • Draining and purifying effect
  • Taste experience: apple & cinnamon

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Against water retention and boosts the body with Yerba Mate

It helps to break down lipids

The Organic Elderflower helps to reduce bloating

Crunchy Taste of Apple & Cinnamon


Fitness Shot® Silhouette is a dietary supplement designed to accompany you in your efforts to regain the figure of your dreams. Contribute to your weight loss in less than ten seconds! Fitness Shot® Silhouette phials are to be taken as a one-month treatment, once a day, before training or during the day. For the taste, we have chosen the gourmet combination 🍎 Apple & Cinnamon...more than a shot, a taste experience!

You will find in Fitness Shot® Silhouette: 

  • A concentrate of active ingredients of L-Carnitine which intervenes in the degradation of lipids and gives energy.
  • The plants Yerba Mate and Elderflower which make it possible to drain water retention and stimulate the elimination of toxins.

Health benefits

  • The famous L-Carnitine

Renowned in the sports world for some time, this molecule is involved in catabolism, that is to say the degradation of lipids in the body. More particularly, L-Carnitine participates in the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria. These organelles are real energy factories! They use fatty acids to produce the coenzyme ATP and thus provide fuel during muscular effort.

In our body, Carnitine is mainly synthesized by the liver and kidneys from amino acids (methionine and lysine). It can also be provided by food - it is found in particular in red meat, dairy products and seeds. A person following an omnivorous diet will consume about 60mg of carnitine per day, while a vegetarian will only consume one fifth of this amount. In these two cases, supplementation via food supplements supplements supplements the average L-Carnitine intake. 

  • Organic Elderberry flower

This shrub has been used since antiquity for its therapeutic properties but also for the tasty taste of its berries. Its flowers contain a high concentration of flavonoids, which are strong antioxidants. Although the Elderflower is better known as an anti-flu and anti-inflammatory remedy, its antioxidants accompanied by minerals (Potassium, Magnesium and Iron) will also help:  

  • It stimulate the renal system
  • It eliminate waste and toxins harmful to the body
  • It relieve bloating and regain a flat belly

In addition to its slimming action, Elderberry has a composition rich in amino acids, vitamins of the A, B and C family, as well as carotenoids. In short, only benefits!

  • The extract of Yerba Mate

This plant coming directly from South America, has many virtues which contribute to the loss of weight. This quality is due to the presence of three special molecules: theophylline and theobromine with diuretic properties and caffeine, known for its stimulating effect. These compounds together counter water retention and give a boost to the body and mind.

Yerba Mate beverages are appreciated in many cultures, not only for the taste and aroma, but also because of its 200 molecules beneficial to the body. Among them are saponins, flavonoids, anthocyanins and phenolic acids1 which are believed to play a role in inhibiting the accumulation of triglycerides and the differentiation of adipocytes (fat cells)².


(1) Lutomski P, Goździewska M, Florek-Łuszczki M. Health properties of Yerba Mate. Ann Agric Environ Med. 2020; 27(2): 310–313. doi: 10.26444/aaem/119994 

(2) Gambero A, Ribeiro ML. The positive effects of yerba maté (Ilex paraguariensis) in obesityNutrients2015;7(2):730-750. Published 2015 Jan 22. doi:10.3390/nu7020730

On the scientific side

Catabolism: degradation of lipids in the body

  • L-Carnitine transports fat to the mitochondria
  • Mitochondria use fatty acids to produce the coenzyme ATP
  • ATP, a unit of energy in the cells, is used as fuel during muscular effort

We answer you

How does weight loss work with Fitness Shot® Silhouette?

The Fitness Shot® Silhouette accompanies you in your goal of weight loss and energy regain. It should be taken in parallel with a balanced diet. The components of the bulbs improve the catabolism process that transforms fat into energy.

Is it possible to continue the cures one after the other?

According to your slimming goals, it is possible to follow the cures.

Can I combine taking Fitness Shot® Silhouette with other products?

Fitness Shot® Silhouette is a product based on plants and amino acids, totally natural. You can therefore combine it with other products acting differently such as our Detox or the Coupe Faim Bio available on our website.

How long does the treatment last?

When you purchase, you will receive 32 ampoules for a cure of just over a month. It is advisable to take one ampoule per day before training or during the day.

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Ingredients: L-Carnitine, dry extract of elderberry (Sambucus nigra), dry extract of Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis), organic cinnamon powder, concentrated apple juice, sucralose.

Nutritional information for one ampoule:

L-Carnitine 2 g                                                      
Dry extract of Elderberry 225 mg
Dry extract of Yerba Mat 120 mg

Take a shot at the beginning or during your training.


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