Plant-based Protein

  • Generous recipe based on peas, beans, sativa and organic rice
  • Green packaging (recycled and recyclable kraft)
  • One of the most concentrated on the market: 75.6% protein
  • Made in France
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It's good, it's organic and green

Highly concentrated in protein (75.6%) for guaranteed mass gain

Free from lactose, colorings and preservatives

Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets

Plant-Based Protein 🌱

Pur Vitae presents a novelty in its range of proteins. A beneficial blend of four plant proteins - rice, pea, bean and sativa - that brings all the benefits of plants to ensure optimal recovery and promote muscle mass gain to your body.

Why this association?

We have chosen to combine the highest protein concentrations with the best gustatory qualities: a winning blend of rice, pea, bean and sativa proteins from Organic Farming. In fact, by using different types of proteins your body regains the balance and benefits of all the ingredients. Because we know that nature has so much to offer and that we must also preserve it: all the raw materials come from Organic Agriculture.

  • It contains 4 plants with high protein value
  • Diversified and complete recipe in order to provide the maximum of amino acids
  • High concentration of protein to nourish your muscles
  • 100% Organic production from Responsible Agriculture

Health benefits

  • Good for the body

Proteins are essential to the constitution of the human body. They are present in the structure of bones, skin, hair, nails and especially MUSCLES. Not only that, they also play a role in the transport of nutrients, the immune system, hormone synthesis and DNA. These nutrients are in constant need of renewal, thus requiring a regular supply of protein.

It is recommended to consume about 1 to 1.2g of protein for 1 kilo of your weight. However, during sports practices this need is higher because protein is used as energy during physical efforts. When aiming to lose weight, it is also important to give priority to proteins so that the body does not only draw on lipids.

  • Good for the planet

From a qualitative and nutritional point of view, Plant-Based Protein is just as good as Animal Protein. However, when we promote plant consumption we participate in the reduction of global warming.  

For the packaging, Pur Vitae has opted for a recycled and recyclable package. From now on, making an eco-responsible gesture while meeting its nutritional needs is entirely possible. 

  • Good all short

Pur Vitae Protein contains 19 amino acids including all the amino acids essential to the body. As these nutrients cannot be produced by the body itself, supplementation with Plant-Based Protein will provide you with all the nutrients you need for the proper functioning of your body, especially your muscles. 

Advantages of plant-based protein

  • Health and organic commitment 💚
  • It is a pride to propose this recipe 100% ORGANIC, without coloring agents and preservatives by coupling the best vegetable sources, respect for nature and the health of sportsmen and women.
  • Made and packaged in France 🐓
  • The French Touch has the wind in its sails and that's normal. French products are synonymous with quality and traceability.
  • Vegetable yes but with a good taste please! 🍌🍫
  • The Plant-Based Protein of Pur Vitae is delicious, and for good reason! Find the sweetness of banana and the delicacy of chocolate for a break well-being and pleasure!
  • Qualitative protein profile 👌
  • Our Plant-Based Protein is highly concentrated and contains nearly 76% protein. The proteins of Rice, Pea, Bean and Sativa are qualified as "slow" and thus have anti-catabolic properties. Why is this important? When the level of amino acids in the blood drops as a result of physical activity, the body draws from its protein stock (muscle) by breaking it down to form new amino acids. This process of catabolism results in the loss of muscle mass and therefore strength and performance.
  • To reduce these effects on the muscles the consumption of this type of protein is therefore recommended. On the digestive side, the consumption of slow proteins allows the body to digest them over a longer period of time and thus ensure a good level of amino acids in the blood. You can consume Organic Vegetable Protein preferably after sport or just before going to bed: this way the concentration of amino acids will be optimal during the night - a very important period for regeneration and muscle growth.
  • Complete contribution in Essential Amino Acids
  • The Plant-Based Protein of Pur Vitae contains 18 amino acids including the 9 AA essential to the body. These nutrients cannot be manufactured by our body, a supplementation with Organic Vegetable Protein will give you all the necessary inputs for the proper functioning of your body and especially your muscles.

On the scientific side

How is Plant-Based Protein, known as "slow", digested by the body?

We answer you

What does it look like in terms of texture?

Due to its composition, the Plant-Based is thicker than milk-based proteins. Indeed, we have opted for a more natural composition, without added gums or additives that artificially create the excessively smooth appearance of a vegetable protein. 

How is the composition of our Plant-Based Protein?

Our formula is generous. It gathers 4 vegetable ingredients - pea, bean, hemp and organic rice - which have a high protein content (>75% protein). Moreover, this quadri allows to bring nutritional variety to the body and to ensure a perfect balance.

How is Plant-Based Protein environmentally responsible?

Plant-Based Protein is good for the planet. We have chosen a double compromise packaging that is recycled and recyclable - disposable in the yellow garbage can at the end of use. Not to mention the choice of ingredients from Organic Farm that respect animals and Nature.

And in terms of taste?

Pur Vitae brings out the classics you are used to seeing. Now it's time for the delicacy of banana & chocolate... a harmonious combination of flavors!

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Ingredients: ORGANIC rice protein concentrate, ORGANIC pea protein concentrate, ORGANIC bean protein concentrate, ORGANIC sativa protein concentrate, chocolate flavour, banana flavour.

Valeur énergétique  408 kcal  102 kcal 

Matières grasses

8.1 g 2 g 
dont AG saturés 3.1 g  0.8 g 
Glucides  9.7 g  2.4 g 
dont sucres 6.6 g  1.7 g 

Fibres alimentaires

3.1 g  0.8 g 


75.6 g  18.9 g 


1.3 g  0.3 g 

BCAA 14 3,5
Alanine 3,7 0.9
Arginine 6,2 1,6
Aspartate 7,8 2
Cystéine 1,1 0.3
Glutamine  13,4 3,4
Glycine  3,1 0,8
Histidine*  1,8 0.5
Isoleucine*  3,4 0,9
Leucine*  6,4 1,6
Lysine* 3,9 1
Méthionine* 1,3 0,3
Phénylalanine*  4,2 1,1
Proline  3,4 0,9
Sérine  3,9 1
Thréonine*  2,8 0,7
Tryptophane* 0,9 0,2
Tyrosine  3,5 0,9
Valine* 4,2 1,1

*Acides Aminés Essentiels

Mix 1 dose of 25g with 300ml of water in your shaker for your convenience. Consume ideally within 30 minutes after training.