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A nice recognition for the made in France nutrition !

In 2016, two expertises matched: a qualified coach’s and a natural food supplements producer’s. Combining their knowledge, they together created Pur Vitaé and Wod Nutrition. It is a well-known feeding practice in Cross training’s world. In 2019, thanks to its success, Pur Vitaé broadened its horizons and offered a more complete and particularly adapted new range for trailers and endurance trainers.


How to perform an efficient warm-up

Warming-up must automatically be part of any training. It allows the body to get ready and to increase the muscles’ internal temperature in order to irrigate and protect them. Too often, we settle for the rowing machine, the skipping rope or the weightless bar to warm-up. We do it, despite the warm-up’s preventive side, which must include all body’s parts and one’s physical particularities.


5 main basics in CrossFit

What attracts us in Crossfit is the variety of programs but that’s also what makes us lose control.
The willingness to learn too fast plays trick on us. Lets’ get away from self-defeating improvisations and let’s target clear goals which will prevent us of hurting ourselves. Let’s practice an efficient training method !