Fat burner: how does it work?

Fat burner: how does it work?

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After a bad diet, sedentary life, hormonal disorders, stress, depression pregnancy after weight gain. Even after changing your diet and regular physical activities you are having difficulties to lose weight. You wish to boost your metabolism and think a fat burning can help you.

This is how to understand how it works.

What is a fat burner?

Fat burner are diet supplements meant to accelerate the metabolism and to destock fats.

Pur Vitae offers Combustion which has a huge success within the followers.

How can a fat burner destock this unwanted fat I am trying to eliminate for months?

The lipolysis phenomena is noticeable during digestion. This is the action of destroying the fat from the food we intake, it also transforms it in free fat acidosis which are in capacity to be eliminated.

Moreover, the energizing plants such as Guarana and green the in Combustion help you to transform fat into energy giving you a better metabolism whether it be for work or sport.

It is a fact often we feel tired when one changes his/ her diet or his/ her training intensity. The good news is Combustion, giving you back the energy you had lost.

Why should one work out and have a proper diet when using fat burner?

Fat burners are real helpers when you want to get your silhouette back and lose fat. Why are they allies? Because those pills must be taken with a healthy diet and a sport activity otherwise you just won’t gain weight instead of losing stocked fat. When your goal is to lose weight rather than not gain weight, isn’t it?

Moreover, healthy diet and sport are synonyms to good health. We love the facts of losing weight visually but our health should be at the core of the matter.

No cholesterols no diabetes no heart problems, just good things since you have decided to take care of yourself!


Pur Vitae helps you into that challenge. Try our Slimming Pack, which has a reall success since the product was launched. Look onto our Facebook page, and see articles from people who’ve tried it. Take care of yourself from now on.

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