The Fitness Mentor, Morgan Moreau

The Fitness Mentor, Morgan Moreau

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Pur Vitae is happy to officially have in the team a passionate athlete who has contributed to the success of the Fitness in France. This is obviously Morgan Moreau.

He gave us a few minutes of his tight schedule to answer our questions!


Morgan, who are you?

I am Morgan Moreau and I am 34 years old. I started the sport very young and I became very quickly bitten. Firstly Rugby and then running, the School of Sport in Paris and the desire to control my training at best. I spent my BE in sports fitness. I discovered the Fitness which allowed me to travel around the world. Since a few years CrossFit has imposed itself to me, a new passion is born. I went up with my partners my 1st Box in Tours 2 1/2 years ago and the 2nd Box 4 months ago. I also have the pleasure of being headcoach of CrossFit Madeleine in Paris.

What are the main differences between Fitness and Crossfit?

I find a lot of similarities between both. Passion for sport and coaching; share with people what you love ; the competitions and all that goes around (atmosphere, surpassing oneself, sharing ...). The only big difference is the connection between music and motion.


What lessons did you learn as a Fitness Coach?

You have to adapt to people, to listen them. You must never stop training and you should take people by surprise ! All the time renew themselves and inspire others without copying them. For that, I look at many videos, I move to the other clubs and boxes in France and around the world to attend other classes. I think we can always learn and we must be able to listen and to question ourselves (put ourselves in the shoes of the student).


What are your personal and professional victories?

My 2 little guys, my wife and the stability they bring me are my biggest strength.

From a professional point of view, I have always had dreams and I was lucky to have realized them. Do the sport I love, climb the ladder in every activity, go around the world with my passion, meet people from all walks of life with all the same passion for sports, be sponsored by major brands, set up my clubs. .. How not to be happy?


Why be part of the Pur Vitae adventure?

I greatly respect the ambassadors that the brand has chosen, both humanly and professionally. On the other hand, Pur Vitae employees are passionate about the sport and proud of their products. I am a passionate about sport and nutrition and Pur Vitae products are of good quality and very complete.


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