How to do have cardio

How to do have cardio

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The heart has its reasons that the reason ignores. 

Dear readers, this is not the wrong article. We are going to talk about heart. But not of the sentimental one, but rather the physical one: cardiovascular endurance.

All athlete, must have endurance, this is a priority. Getting used to go from one event to the next is essential to defeat your opponent.

What does cardio mean?

Cardio is physical stamina, it means that your aerobic workout has proved itself, it means that your heart is ready to all kind of race and exercises such as accelerations and recuperation time. besides if you are out of breath easily, your body is doing an unusual effort and this is not normal.

Are some people naturally predisposition compared to others?

Some who have had a good childhood and a good parental genetic: with a healthy food and physical activities and a good hygiene during their adulthood. Will yet the cardio is not acquired, you cannot stop or will lose it fast.

What are the different technics to develop your cardio?

Doing Assault bike in CrossFit training, rowing, (high intensity and intermittence training). In a pool you have to do long sessions such as crawl for 10x 500m. other exercises sur as bike, running, rope jumping rises your heart rate and help built your stamina.

It is very important to work your diaphragm. The way you breath is important. Breath in fully.

Another treak take our Pre Workout PUISSANCE. It is a healthy product that work starting at the first try allowing you to develop your aerobic and improve your oxygen and lungs capacity.

Article written with the participation of our French athlete Bertrand Venturi. He will participate next November in a swimming world championship to be held in Dubai: the OCEAN MAN.

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