How to recover the best way after training?

How to recover the best way after training?

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What about recuperation?

It may seem obvious, but recuperation is just as important than training.
If you are just as tired after training and in the morning when you wake up, this means that you do not recuperate well enough.


What is your meaning of recuperation?

Have a drink with friend, read a book or going to the beach?  Recuperation doesn’t just mean no training, it also means eat healthy.
You need to feed your body with nutriments helping recuperation: macro elements such as phosphor, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chloric and magnesium.


The question is really where can I find those micro elements?

You can find it in food, and in RECUP from Pur Vitae.

This product RECUP will give you what you need to recuperate properly, the powerful plants will give you what is necessary to do so, Fenugreek is the plant you need.

Fenugreek is a 1 year plant, it lives just long enough to produce seeds, in order for us to produce Recup.
The organic Fenugreek is one of the plant with the most macro elements that can be found, since it is mainly composed of phosphor, potassium, sodium.
Fenugreek will also give you the micro elements such as iron, vitamins C and E.
Those vitamins are the most powerful. They also are anti-oxidants fighting against immune system weakness.
Moreover, if you ever have digestion problems it is good to be friend with this plant.
In Recup you will also find some organic spirulina, this is a very interesting plant since it is composed of 70% of vegetable protein. This means that is also help to keep up with the muscle mass. This is also a natural booster, and boost after a strain.

Spirulina can also help with the weight, maintaining a good sugar level in your body allowing the diminution of sugar intake. It also avoids the starch degradation, giving to your intestine a better operational activity.

Hold on a minute, Spirulina is great as it is a anti stress. Spirulina also stimulate your immune system.

To conclude, Recup is the ideal formula for your body, a real shield to resist, against your problems at work, in training and sleeping.

Even when you eat well it is necessary to use complementariness, especially when you practice sports

Organic Recup, from Pur vitae is to used after a strain, before breakfast and dinner.
You will better digest, and feel less tired the day after.

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