I eat so I lose weight: This is Eva's way to stabilize her weight

I eat so I lose weight: This is Eva's way to stabilize her weight

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Eva Mostaert 26 years old, she is fun and diligent at work. Today we know Eva as a boss, a coach is she feels good today it has not always been the case. Eva has shared her experience about the weight loss. Today we can tell her congratulation for your tenacity.

Eva, how was your childhood?

I was a child with the nonstop wandering, and I spent all my free time climbing trees, running everywhere, walking on hands and trudging. And then with college and adolescence, the battery has become a big lazy, unfortunate consequence of a love affair with the internet, MSN, Facebook … all this must speak to people of my generation (laughs). Much less time spent outside and much more sitting in my room, behind my screen.

Did you gain weight during your teenage years?

I have always been big “solid”. Thin I weighted 55kg for 1,55 m. At 21 years old, I had gained the most of my weight and was 78 kg

My fat was evenly distributed, so I was strong and not huge. Yet I did not feel well and my mot her often spoke about my weight.

At the time, my BMI belonged to a sedentary period, was over 30, I was moderate obese. Today my BMI is at about 26 and I am still overweight but this today it doesn’t mean anything anymore, since my physical activity and my muscle mass.

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What were your keys to success in your weight loss?

It all started with Montignac’s methods book what I first saw was the title, I eat so I lose weight.  Isn’t it encouraging? Once I finished the book I started to clean the cupboards and to organize our meals.

The main purpose of this diet is to reduce glycemic index food, and favor fresh and natural and not refined. This as for effect to diminish blood sugar and in doing so it the pancreas is at rest. Nowadays we all are attacked by industrialized products, high in calories, and that destabilized your body. Your pancreas is overworked, and this drives you to gain weight and to unregularly work. It is not necessary to apply this method to the T. The main points are interesting and the book very interesting.

As far as the weight loss is concerned you will need to find the best and most stable way to eat.

Diets are not useful but to kill your metabolism! You need to find the right diet for you, I mean the right way to feed yourself on an everyday basis. One we can keep for life. Alike at training food must be part of hygiene of life in long terms if we want something that works and stable.

How can we fight against weight gaining?

You must change your habits and reduce sugar intake and replace it with substitutes (coco sugar, agave syrup, honey) prone good fat (butter made out of nuts, coconut oil) don’t get frustrated eat of everything moderately. Most of all cook your own food. You want a pizza cook it, use vegetable pate or full flour, tomatoes sauce without any additives vegetables and so on…in addition it is a real satisfaction to eat a dish you have cooked from scratch. Internet is full of interesting recipes.

In addition, the best is to have a regular activity, this will allow you to free your mind and to boost your metabolism. This will also help build a muscular mass and to burn a maximum of calories.

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Are you still afraid to gain weight again? What can you do when you the phantom from the past are back?

I believe the overweight eva is there, I guess I will always be afraid of her to I come back. Belong to the category of people that easily gain weight, not only because of the past but I also love eating a lot. I must be careful.

Today, I know how to deal with it. I let life go on, with its goods and bads. When I gain some weight, I don’t get mad at myself and I get back up when I feel I can. This a real workout. When you want to be performant beyond your health it is not always an easy task to do. I ‘m still looking for a good balance concerning the image I got of myself. I don’t really like what I look like but I just need to love myself and some self-confidence. This is an everyday workout and this is a long way to go.

Cellulite is a real problem for most women, are your concerned with it? Have you ever had any, are you concerned by this matter?

I think I belong to this sort of women, this is most probably a past down issue.  My mom has a body of a teenager, thanks god I am like her. I cannot really explain it any other way.

I drink every day in order to eliminate toxins and so that my system is flushed. I avoid eating too much sugar/ salt/ and fat.

How did our Slimming Pack was of any help to you?          

My body easily stock fat, and I train a lot. Therefore, DETOX and COMBUSTION help me eliminate all the extra toxins accumulated on an everyday basis and boosting my metabolism. In addition, with a healthy diet this a real plus in my diet.

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