Konjac, the food supplement to suppress the appetite!

Konjac, the food supplement to suppress the appetite!

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Konjac is a root that has been used for centuries in Japanese cuisine and served in Japanese dishes as noodles, vermicelli or rice. In Europe, Konjac is more generally proposed as a food supplement (capsules).

It is the nutrient which would be suitable for those who follow a slimming diet because its caloric intake is very low. Moreover it is rich in fiber, especially glucomannan which has an appetite suppressant property. Indeed, glucomannan consumed as part of a low-calorie diet contributes to weight loss.

This is due to its water-soluble property, which means that its volume increases in the presence of water. Therefore, to have a good result it is necessary to drink properly before meals as well as when taking the appetite suppressant capsules (1 to 2 large glasses of water) in order to ensure that the glucomannan is ingested up to the stomach. 

The Mechanical Organic Hunger Suppressor from Pur Vitae has a unique formula because it contains 3 slimming ingredients in a single capsule: Konjac (the star of this article), the Nopal (blood sugar reducer) and the Carob (transit regulator). 

Not to mention that the ingredients of this natural appetite suppressant come from organic farming and that the organic Konjac is of assured quality: It is composed of more than 80% glucomannan, one of the main substances intended to reduce hunger.

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