Myths about bodybuilding and fitness

Myths about bodybuilding and fitness

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What if someone told you that your muscle tone are naturally tonic, would you believe us?

You should because this is a popular thought. Let us demystify all these misconceptions!

It is impossible tone those muscle

The physiological nature of your muscular tissues cannot be modified. Yet we can eliminate a layer of fat to outline to muscles.

Long reps don’t eliminate more fat

The reps make you feel the fat burning , yet this doesn’t mean you are really burning fat. In order to redefine you muscle tone you need a slight layer of fat as well as a certain muscle volume. You need to work with heavy weight as well as light weights this will improve you muscle endurance and have a better gesture. Otherwise try to train with high intensity spaces. This has shown efficient loss of calories.

Don’t count on machines to calculate your fat burning

It is a fact that we all are different and don’t experiment differently our effort. The machines won’t take in consideration your physiological differences, instead it seems to over calculate your fat burning calories.

Don’t do cardio training before your bodybuilding training

if you want to build up muscle tone avoid to do cardio training before your bodybuilding session. If you do so you will burn up you amino acid to produce energy instead of using it to “build up” your muscles.

Running outside allows you to burn 10 % of calories rather than running on a treadmill

It is different to run on a treadmill compared to running outside. Outside you engage yourself, you can find obstacles and your body will be differently stimulated.

Running doesn’t hurt your knees

Runners know very well this legend. Running is a good for your health and has more advantages than risks. Avoid to run excessively. Besides, running on a treadmill can do more damages. It has an impact onto your heels and knee, it’s up to you to choose the right exercise.

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