Being a parent and a crossfitter, how to find the balance?

Being a parent and a crossfitter, how to find the balance?

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A child changes everything in his parents’ life as soon as he arrives. An emotional turmoil which changes our way to see things but also our days’ organization for leisure, work and exercise.

These little ones ask for a lot of attention and leave us very little time for ourselves, for our daily activities as well as our favorite sport!

If you think that becoming a parent will ask you to take a break in your sportive life, then take the example of Marine l’Anchois, who finished her training only few hours before going to the hospital : “I was reluctant to the idea of becoming a mother because I had to take a break with Crossfit. Finally, my last wod took place few hours before giving birth. I went back to training one month afterward and I did the Opens 2019 five months later. I keep on going to boxing five times per week, under the eye, mostly closed, of my little one."

Same thing for Max Guerratchi who says that his daughter’s life has never been an excuse: “My training sessions are often shorter. I regularly bring her to the box with me, so I train with one eye on her and one eye on the bar.”

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For Anthony Coulmeau, the birth of his three children has not changed the number of his sessions neither their intensity. His change was made regarding his time slot: “My wods are scheduled in the morning, from 6.00 am.”


Indeed, some parents live their parenting as a simple change in their schedule: “I had to change my habits and time slots (less hours of training) but regarding the rest, nothing has changed! I was able to perform at the opens, the competitions … even my wife came with my son to see me, it is only happiness!” testifies Renaud Cambon.

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However, for other families, the arrival of a child gives less space (or not at all) for exercising. That has been the case for Etienne Heyninck, who had to quit his box and to install all his sportive equipment at home, to take care as much as possible of his children.

For Lily, getting back on track happened later, two years after her daughter’s birth : "Not easy to spin plates between full time working day and being a mam.”
For some, on the contrary, maternity/paternity arrive unannounced: "My daughter brought me stability as I had no more crazy nights out with drinks. I changed to early wakes-up in the morning and a mandatory positive attitude! She is now 16 years old, comes with me for crossfit trainings and starts to beat the shit out of me !” tells Juliette Hardy who got pregnant just before entering College of Sport.

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Etienne's installation at home 


If despite all these events, you carry on exercising, this can only be beneficial for you and your child. It is what Jérôme Serub proves us as his child was his starting point to eat healthy. “I decreased my sessions down to three/four and I started to cook healthy for the whole family.” Same thing for Mathieu Osmont, young dad of a little girl: "The priority now is for my girl not to miss anything! I wish to initiate her to crossfit from three years old." According to him, exercising is an intangible heritage by its discipline values and respect. He reports that being in good shape is also a proof of love towards his children. 


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