Are pre-workout useful?

Are pre-workout useful?

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A pre-workout is a food additives used before training to better to stamina and diminish the feeling of tiredness.

Nowadays you can find pre-work out in powder, meant to be mixed to either water or fruit juices.

Pur Vitae offers an innovated liquid prework out, entirely drinkable, portable: Puissance.

According to Puissance drinker the most noticeable is the efficiency for only 10ml.

Technology allows us to concentrate the ingredients known for years, for their performance and improvement in sports.

Besides the fact that it is easy to carry along, Puissance preserve your health, it won’t hurt your inside. (lever, intestine) it won’t give you nausea.

It is very important before an event! The choice of the ingredients of good quality is also unbeatable. Our body deserves the very best.

Here is the ingredient choose by Pur Vitae and why are they perspicacious.


A bit hard to pronounce (alike some shampoos) tribulus is a medicinal plant extremely powerful for its testosterone action.

Why is the testosterone so important for athletes?

Testosterone is a wellbeing hormone. Provided by men in their testicular and in ovaries for women, this specific hormone act as a natural anabolizing meant for the muscle construction.

In fact by building some muscular mass we protect our muscles and improve your tonicity.


Cordiceps is also an element you can find in Puissance, it is a wild mushroom well known in Chinese medicine helping and protecting your breathing and lung system. During a physical and very cardio activity, it is very important to breath easily and to diminish the feeling of being out of breath. This is where it come in action. With Puissance it becomes easy to breath while intense efforts. This helps training further.


Noni is a Tahitian fruit considered as a “sacred medicine” used for over 2000 years to heal warrior wounds. While in sport it is meant against tiredness.

There is more than one reason to use Puissance during your training sessions.


Puissance Pre-workout can be found by box of 5 ampoules or by box of 33

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