The values of Pur Vitae


Pur Vitae, brand of Cevrai Laboratory, is committed since 2016 to bring you quality products that have a deep impact in the improvement of your general well-being and your sport performances..

Experts are available 7 days a week through social networks or e-mail. Pur Vitae has a 5-star service (pre and post-sale) providing you wise and tailored advices whether you are a customer or not.

The community around Pur Vitae continues to grow, as our athletes, ambassadors and followers believe in our sporting values.

Our message is very strong: Developing the sport-health and the sport-pleasure beyond performances. It is important for us to democratize sport. Whatever the age, lifestyle, disability…

As far as the environment is concerned, Pur Vitae is investing in a new technology of ecological packaging. Our protein packaging has been revisited in recycled and recyclable kraft and by the end of the year, our pillboxes will be replaced by vegetable plastic, all our labels will be made of biodegradable paper and our textiles will be made with recycled fabric. For the environment, we all have a role to play.

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Our products


At Pur Vitae we are convinced that we can find in nature the purest raw materials that only bring benefits to the human body.


It is through the perfect link between nature, technology and science that we are ableto create innovative products made in France.


Our constant development and our diligent research allow us to be at the forefront of product efficiency. No interest to develop a product of average efficiency. Our supplement are designed to provide well-being from the first use.

What our clients say

I discovered Pur Vitae in November 2016 and I can congratulate myself for this! I am 61 years old and do sports 3 to 5 hours a day to prepare crossfit competitions / athletic strength. Without the contribution of the precious molecules and organic supplements Pur Vitae, I could not keep up with this frantic pace! Well-being, recovery, soothing sleep, pampered joints, energy to train naturally. I recommend to all even non-sportsmen to trust these serious and competent professionals. Thank you also for their efficiency and kindness!

Framboise Labat

Athlete pro

A composition at the top, a constant search for innovation, the will to offer food supplements to support us effectively on a daily basis, Pur Vitae offers products that are relevant and without placebos. Efficiency is at the rendezvous while the team is distinguished by its ability to listen and advice. Food supplements that quickly become indispensable.

Clémence Simon

Journalist and blogger

Great products! A special mention for Mobility Syrup that I consume quite regularly by cure. For a person like me who trains 6/7 days per week and lacks mobility this syrup makes the difference! The body is more fit and especially the joints. As for DETOX, very pleasant taste (peach tea) and purifying effect.

Eva Rodrigues

Pro Crossfit Athlete